Redemption Grove


Twenty-one-year-old Chris Olson has hit rock-bottom. His addiction to painkillers has left him homeless and ruined. Hoping to give him a clean start, his sister, Aida, convinces him to move to Anchorage to live with her.

But trouble seems to follow Chris, and he brings it right to Aida’s doorstep. Faced with having to kick her brother out of the house, Aida enlists the help of her friend, Doctor Max Fitwell. Max, haunted by a recent personal tragedy, wants nothing more than to be left alone in his misery. But he reluctantly agrees to allow Chris to stay with him and to help build a cabin.

Chris and Max, two men who are each struggling to find their own reasons to live, navigate the wilderness of Alaska, where they’ll either become better men or die trying.


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Page Count: Est. 250

ISBN-13: 978-1-948051-06-4

Publication Date: Spring 2018

About the Author

David Rawding has a BA in English from The University of New Hampshire and an MFA in Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University where he teaches English as an adjunct professor. David has an award-winning children’s book and his short fiction has been published in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Black Heart Magazine, Barnstorm Literary Journal, The Write Room Literary Magazine, Steel Toe Review, Extract(s) Daily Dose of Lit, Black Lantern Publishing Magazine, and Forty Ounce Bachelors. In addition to his professor work, David has worked as a fly-fishing guide in Alaska since 2012, and enjoys traveling the world with a backpack and a fly rod. He also writes as a travel writer for the apparel company, A Big Day.


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