About Us

Red Adept Publishing is an independent publisher of genre fiction. Since our first release in 2012, we have published over 100 novels, including 4 national bestsellers (NYT and USA Today). We love providing a home for new and established authors.

New authors often find it difficult to find a publisher willing to take a chance on their first book. We enjoy discovering these new talents and bringing their worlds to the reading public.

Established authors may wish to work with a publisher who gives them a more personal touch. Our team and our mentor program help to give authors the attention they need and deserve.

We believe that publishing is a partnership. We work with our authors to help them achieve success.


We take pride in our professional editing of every book we produce. Putting quality first, we ensure that each book is the best it can be before it is placed in the hands of readers.

We partner with Streetlight Graphics for our beautifully rendered covers and professional formatting. Each cover is designed to draw the right audience for the subject matter. The formatting of each book is impeccable, with a layout that fits the genre.


We offer one of the best contracts in the publishing world today. Unlike most publishers, we contract for one book with new authors. This ensures that we maintain amicable partnerships with all our authors. We believe authors should profit as much as possible from their creations. To that end, our authors receive some of the highest royalty rates in the business.