Dust We Raised


Jimmy Lloyd McGowan tries to balance his job at the oil refinery with the siren call of the rodeo, but riding pickup for bronc busters takes its toll, and the refinery manager’s not keen on Jimmy Lloyd’s hazardous hobby. His ex, Esther, still controls the reins to his heart, and he lovingly cares for her horse, Sweet Ginger, on his property. Kamal, the international college student renting his back house, is all kinds of new and unfamiliar, but Jimmy Lloyd bonds with him over their mutual love of horses.

Gradually, Jimmy Lloyd introduces Kamal to his friends in town, and the young man soaks up his first American experiences. But an explosion at the refinery drags Jimmy Lloyd from his genial mentoring and into a world of fire.

Events converge and cast dusty shadows, and Jimmy Lloyd is the only man who can stop them from darkening the lives of those he loves—and settling like a deadly cloud on those far beyond his beloved countryside.


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Page Count: Approx. 280

ISBN-13: 978-1-948051-04-0

Publication Date: Winter 2018

About the Author

A son of the South, Channing Turner grew up in Arkansas and Louisiana before graduating from Louisiana State University in Psychology. He did graduate work in marine biology and became an estuarine biologist along the Texas coast. After retiring from the petrochemical industry where he worked in Louisiana and Montana as a laboratory analyst, he managed the 2010 US Census in Montana and northern Wyoming. He now lives in eastern Washington with his wife, Barb. Channing served in the army and was discharged as an Armor captain. Reading and writing are his sedentary pursuits, but he also enjoys riding his Tennessee Walker in the Blue Mountains of Washington and Oregon. ”


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