Publishing Submission Guidelines


We do not accept query letters. We will not respond to query letters.

We only accept submissions through our submissions form.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please follow the guidelines below and use our submission form.



We accept all fiction genres, with the exception of Erotica, Young Adult/Teen, Middle Grade, and Children’s books.

We do not accept non-fiction, short story collections, or poetry.

We do not accept previously published works, including self-published works.

We do not accept mid-series books, only first books in a series.


Minimum length is 50,000 words.

File Format:

Submission files must be in Microsoft Word (2003 or newer) format.  Author must have access to Microsoft Word for the editing process.

Font: Times New Roman – 12 point
Spacing: Single Spaced

Remove all headers and footers from the document. Our Acquisitions Team often reads on Kindles, and headers and footers interfere with that.

Originality and Rights:

All work must be original and not have appeared elsewhere in any form. Our contracts include transfer of print, eBook and audio book rights for a limited time.


At this time, we are only accepting submissions from U.S. authors.


Please read our Publishing FAQ for more information.

  17 Responses to “Publishing Submission Guidelines”

  1. I have a new book but I live in Germany. When will you accept submissions from writers outside the US?

  2. I’m sorry. At this time, we are only accepting submissions from U.S. authors.

    We simply are not equipped for paying authors outside the U.S., as that involves specialized tax knowledge.

  3. If I submit a book and it fails one of the steps for approval, can I edit it or comply with suggestions made and resubmit it?

  4. This varies from book to book. With some manuscripts, we offer feedback and ask the author if he/she would like to edit and resubmit. This is rare. Generally, we only allow resubmission upon approval.

  5. Would you consider a work with a lesbian protagonist?

    Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

  6. Yes to your first question. The only things we do not accept are:

    non-fiction (including fictionalized true stories)
    children’s books
    Young Adult/Teen

    The sexual orientation of a character has no bearing on our decisions.

    Though we prefer not to have simultaneous submissions (just to not waste the time of our acquisitions editors), we do accept them.

  7. If I am selfpublished does that mean I can’t submit my manupscript? Or by published do you mean traditionally? Thank you for your time.

  8. We do not accept books that have already been published, either traditionally or self-published.

    You can submit a new book that has never been published, even if you have published previous books.

  9. Your submission guidelines mention that some of your editors read manuscripts on Kindles. Would it be desirable for manuscripts to include page breaks between chapters?

  10. That type of thing is fine but not a necessity.

  11. When you say “no footers” does that mean no page numbers?

  12. Yes. There is no reason for page numbers. MS Word would give us a page count.

    And if there are page numbers, when the editor puts it on a Kindle, the numbers would just appear randomly in the text.

    Just for future reference, most publishers deal in word count, not page numbers. 🙂

  13. do you accept graphic novels a novel in comic book form
    I have a completed manuscript

  14. No, I’m sorry. We do not publish graphic novels.

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  16. […] Red Adept Publishing accepts manuscripts from a variety of genres including fantasy, mystery, horror, science fiction, romance, thriller/suspense, historical fiction, women’s fiction, new adult and young adult fiction as well. Their submissions are only handled through their form and they are not accepting query letters. They are very adamant about not accepting query letters. They also only accepts titles that are original and not previously published, including self-published titles that were previously published. For submission guidelines click here […]

  17. That book was not published by RAP. Ms. Layouni is one of our editing clients.

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