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Working with RAP:

You can read about us here:

All positions, with the exception of acquisitions editor, work mostly on pay-per-word jobs with some royalty-based jobs.

We test our applicants extensively for skills appropriate to the position.

We pay monthly via direct deposit.

Requirements for all positions:

A reliable computer, Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, and knowledge of Track Changes

Ability to meet deadlines

Good time-management skills

Ability to follow instructions, both written and verbal

Ability to use Skype

An email address

A telephone and good verbal communication skills


Strong self-motivation

For tax accounting reasons, all positions are only open to U.S. citizens.


Acquisitions Editor:

Acquisitions editors read submissions to our publishing house. They are prolific readers of multiple genres and have the ability to judge books on story, character, and writing style. Acquisitions editors must have good writing skills and be able to give detailed reasons for their assessments of books.

Acquisitions editors do not need to take the Pre-Test. In the application, the applicant should include recent books/authors enjoyed.

Pay: $50/month stipend

All Positions Filled


Proofreader and/or Copy Editor:

Proofreaders must be proficient in all aspects of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Proofreaders should be willing to work on books in most genres and must have access to the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

All Positions Filled

Line Editor:

Line editors must be proficient in all aspects of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Editors must also be able to point out issues like an abundance of passive voice, dangling participles, excessive dialogue tags, repetitive word usage, and plot holes. Line editors must have access to the most recent version of the Chicago Manual of Style.

All Positions Filled

Content Editor:

Content editors must be proficient in all aspects of fiction storytelling, including such things as character development, plot creation, theme, cause/effect issues, genre tropes, point of view, and storyline progression.

Pay varies per manuscript.

All Positions Filled



To apply for Editing or Proofreading Positions:

Take the Pre-Test


If you score 85% or above, complete this application:

(We do not make exceptions with test scores. If your test score does not qualify, you will not receive a response to the application.)


Your Name

Your Email

Your Address

Position Applied For:

Your Phone Number

Your Time Zone:

Best Days/Times to Call for Interview -

Please list any relevant experience:

Write a 250-word essay on why you chose to apply at RAP and/or why you enjoy working with fiction: (We strongly suggest you write this in Word and proof your work. We will not consider applicants who submit essays with errors.)

  3 Responses to “Join Our Team”

  1. Do you really pay .001 cents per word? So, proofing 1000 words would earn the proofer 1 cent?

  2. Actually, your math is incorrect.

    1,000 x .001 = $1.00

    So, one dollar per 1,000 words.

    However, we do have a minimum rate, and an average book is 80,000 words. A thousand words really isn’t very much.

  3. I’m sorry, but I misread your comment and replied too quickly.

    I’ve edited my response with the correct answer to your question.

    Also, please note that your question refers to our old proofreading rate. Our rates were raised this month.

    Thank you.

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