Grunge Gods and Graveyards



Grunge Gods and Graveyards

Kimberly G. Giarratano

Parted by death. Tethered by love.

Lainey Bloom’s high school senior year is a complete disaster. The popular clique, led by mean girl Wynter Woods, bullies her constantly. The principal threatens not to let her graduate with the class of 1997 unless she completes a major research project. And everyone blames her for the death of Wynter’s boyfriend, Danny Obregon.

Danny, a gorgeous musician, stole Lainey’s heart when he stole a kiss at a concert. But a week later, he was run down on a dangerous stretch of road. When he dies in her arms, she fears she’ll never know if he really would have broken up with Wynter to be with her.

Then his ghost shows up, begging her to solve his murder. Horrified by the dismal fate that awaits him if he never crosses over, Lainey seeks the dark truth amidst small town secrets, family strife, and divided loyalties. But every step she takes toward discovering what really happened the night Danny died pulls her further away from the beautiful boy she can never touch again.




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ISBN-13: 978-1-940215-27-3
ISBN-10: 1-940215-27-7
Print Pages: 300



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July 7 – July 25


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Editorial Reviews:

“… a perfect blend of mystery and romance.” Book Lover’s Life

“The elements of the plot were woven together flawlessly…” Cullen House

“I absolutely loved this book!  I loved the emotions it stirred.  I loved the characters.  I loved the 90s music references.  I loved the mystery and the intrigue.” The Caffeinated Diva

“It has fun (and funny) characters, adventure and a scare factor.” Cubicle Blindness

“Seeing the music that I loved from the ’90s being used in this way was a lot of fun.” The Gal in the Blue Mask

“… a story about friendship and living as an outcast from the popular crowd.” Big Al’s Books and Pals

The tension and surprises kept me reading eagerly until the very last page.” Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews

“I really really enjoyed this book, I mean I just I loved it.” The Story Goes…

“”… definitely worth a read!” Angela’s Library

“I loved the way that the characters really grabbed me and took me along for the ride with them.” Amethyst Daydreams

“Overall, this is just a really fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone.” It Starts at Midnight


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